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Education and Training

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With FAEÁ's inception in 2011 by Founder Mona Rodwan, FAEA (Friendship Australian Egyptian

Association) serves dual purpose of PROMOTING and STRENTHEING the strategic alliance and leveraging on the key business relationships between Australia and Egypt. As such FAEA has achieved unrivalled success in bringing unity between the two Countries with societal

diversity, sharing different cultures, tradition and social backgrounds

With its slogan "Bridging Gaps" FAEA advocates for a non-religious and non-political message and has

successfully made networks and alliances with Australians and Egyptians through memorable events and programs, its Executive, 4 Sub-Committess and Assosciations President


Sub Committees

Education and Training

Sub Committees

FAEA serves its members and the general public through 4 main Sub Committees

- Education & Training Committee

- Trade & Commerce Committee

- Youth Committee

- Art and Culture Committee

All Sub-Comittees act as an Observer and is managed by Oversight Board and performs the mission of supervising all projects, general admin and operations of FAEA. The final decision rests with the Board who is fully commmitted to fulfilling the:

- Strategic and operationl decision pertaining to all projects and fundings

- Ensuring all projects are in line with broader vision and mission

- Enhancing dialogue between various interest groups within and outside Australia

- Enrich undestanding and respect for all people regardless of race or religion


Education and Training

Education and Training

Education and Training

Education and Training Committee of FAEA holds number of Educational Training Programs in Language, Women Empowerment, Leadership, Youth Programs, Work Skills and Diversity and:

- Monitors the performance and progress of various projects

- Reinforces the cooperation between Australia and Egypt

- Advocates for Education and Training Sectors

- Hosts and organises events, conferences, delegtions, debates and workshops


Youth Committee

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

FAEA's Youth Community's main mission is to build a strong sense of belonging and loyalty within groups of people who maybe disadvantaged and believes in building strong bond amongst Youths from Australia and Egypt. Youth Community aims to:

- Develop communication and reduce communication gaps amongst youths

- Organise wide mix of cross cultural and diversity activities

- Organised Outings, Films, news letters and documentaries shows to deepen cross cultural understanding


Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

Australia is one of the most multicultural Countries around the Globe and as such FAEA taps-in the mission of providing culturally diverse events for its members to boost:

- Social engagement

- Sharing cultural diversity and traditions inside Australian Community

- Create special events or group outings to host diverse functions

- Build interaction between members of multicultural society

- Advocate for FAEA's presence through Australian National Day celebrations, activities, performances, sharing cultures and taking part in Australian Day parades